Rewriting Beta 42

So a while ago, the main Discord library utilised by my bots was given a major update to how it was structured. To most people that doesn’t mean much, but to me, it means I needed to re-write my bots before the Discord developers do something to break the current branch that they use. With that said, users of Beta 42 may have noticed a significant drop in perceived productivity towards that versions code and feature set. That was because I have been updating her to rewrite branch instead.

Well now, she is ready for public testing, but first, I need to make 2 things clear.

  1. There absolutely will be bugs. That is what a beta is for.
  2. I will be keeping the current state of the bot and all its data as a backup.

So what do those two things mean for you? Well the first part is simple. Some things just wont work as intended if at all. If you see anything that does this, then there are a couple options. Either head over to the kiwi hangout or shoot me an email at my new address

For the second part, what that means is that if this doesn’t go to plan or unforeseen issues happen, we still have a restore point to go to, however there is a chance that we may have to revert the data the bot holds back to its current state too, which means you may lose any new tags or changes to your profiles etc. I will put out another blog post letting you know.

“More bugs and risk? That doesn’t sound good…” Well shush, because with this update is also all the new updates and changes that Beta 42 hasnt been receiving. The most notable of which is that the casino is now available again with the =slots, =blackjack and =videopoker commands.

Some other minor changes include:

  • Formatting updates galore.
  • =info being massively expanded in what it shows you.
  • Help pages linking directly to the site.

This is an exciting occasion for myself and hopefully everyone else! See you on the other side.


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