Goodbye 42 Version 4.

Welp. The day draws near. The day we say goodbye to the 42 that we’ve known and (mostly) loved for the last 18 months. The day I introduce fully her newer version, 42 Version 5 (or 5.1 depending on how semantically specific you want to be I guess.)

TL;DR: There will be a 3-6 hour downtime at 11AM BST 30/09

The Changes

There is a huge laundry list of changes that will be made to 42 in this update, but the most notable one involves granting 42 the ability to run on multiple shards, which means no more shard limit, and by extension, no more need to prune the bots servers. This also means that there will be no more minimum member limits on inviting the bot, so you can have your small testing and private servers back again.

The mob has spoken: 42 will be keeping + as her main invoker.

As a quick overview of the changes, I have

  • Removed about 25 old, unused, redundant or just bad commands.
  • Added about 40 brand new, shiny and cool commands.
  • Updated most of the large scale commands.
    • Dramatically expanded tags and tag scripting.
    • Unlocked profile fields.
    • Extended info.
    • More helpful help

Oh and the changelog shows you every non-returning secret command on 42 that you missed.

The Process

I asked you guys how I should proceed with this massive undertaking, and you’ve all delivered! In the last week or so, I’ve had 350 responses to my cries for help. Granted with nearly 200k people using the bot, I was expecting nearly 2k responses, but 350 is still a really good turnout. So thank you all so much.

During the update, I am going to have a estimated downtime of about 3 hours. HOWEVER, that is assuming I can successfully handle all data. So expect up to 6 hours of downtime. This will be taking place at 11 AM BST on Saturday the 30th of September. This is overnight for american users, and in the evening for australian users.

Users of Beta 42

Beta 42 will remain online for this entire duration, but this is only to keep modlogs running. All data created after 11AM will be not be integrated in the merge and will be lost. I will make one final announcement on Beta 42 signaling this time.

In the same announcement, you will be encouraged to invite 42. If you rely on modlogs, do not kick Beta 42 at this point. Wait until after 42 comes back online and is showing signs of stability.

Permission Changes

The default set of permissions that 42 will now expect to be used will be changed to:

  • Manage Server. This is required to read the server’s Partnership status for her info command[1].
  • Manage Roles. This is required for the giverole family of commands.
  • Manage Channels. This is required to create a modlog channel.
  • Manage Messages. This is required for cleanup and remove commands, as well as blacklist functionality and all commands that use a reaction interface (such as info)
  • Ban Members. This is required to use the ban and softban commands.
  • Kick Members. This is required for the kick and prunecheck commands.
  • View Audit Log. This is not required yet, but will be integrated into the modlog in the future.
  • Read Messages, Send Messages, Read Message History, Attach Files and Embed Links. These are required for most functionality in the bot.
  • Add Reactions. This is required for commands that use reaction interfaces, such as info.
  • Use External Emoji. This is required to use the casino commands which rely heavily on This Deck.

Data Updates

So the survey question regarding tags came back with the result “Merge, prefer 42.” Well, what I mean by “prefer” is that whenever 42 and Beta 42 share a tag with the same name, 42’s version will remain unchanged, and Beta 42’s version will have an underscore appended to the end of the tag name. This is also what will happen to tags on 42 that conflict with new command names. For example, a tag on 42 called “spoiler” will be changed to “spoiler_”

One limitation to tags in Version 5 is that tag names have a maximum length of 255. For tags who’s names are too long, their name will be cut off at 254 characters and have an underscore appended to the end.

As a general rule of thumb too, when merging data between the two bots, if an input is incompatible, I will attempt to salvage as much as I can and then tail it with an underscore. For places that this wouldn’t make sense, such as cutting off usernames in profiles, the data will just be dropped completely.

Logging and Statistics

All logging and stats will be discarded at the time of updates. This is so that my logging tables aren’t polluted with data from the Beta 42 testing period, and also so that they aren’t polluted with references to the deleted commands. Its so amazing that people have used my bot over 2 million times, but its time for fresh new beginnings for all.

The Outcome

Ultimately from all this, I want one single bot. One bot to host; One bot to maintain; One bot to exist on all servers. To the benefit of myself and my users. I want all people to have access to the same set of tools instead of having different subsets of groups with access to different sets of tools. I want to be able to roll out new features to everyone instead of just a specific subset of users.

Speaking of new features, I would love to hear your feedback on the bot. Whats good, what needs improving, what you want to see. Shoot her an email at and I will see what I can do. Hell, even if you don’t have any ideas and just want to send her an email to say hi, go ahead~!

I’ve been thinking about setting up a patreon so that my userbase could choose to support me and 42, but I don’t have anything to put on it right now. I’ve been thinking of adding special features to the bot, such as access to generic tags, or maybe some simple music bot features for accessibility purpose, but again, I’m just not sure. If you have any ideas, send them my way at the email above~ ヾ(・ω・).

It always makes me feel bad monetising 42 like this, but the universe kinda hates me right now, so I have no choice. So uh… Shill mode activate I guess? Hey look, a donate button… Maybe if people like 42, they’ll click it? /shill

IRL Update

Uni lectures have now started, so progress on the bot is going to be significantly slowed. This is why I am pushing the updates now, because I know I wont have time later.

Job search still hasn’t helped me find a job, but at least student finance updated their numbers and I can afford the roof over my head now. Now to find a job before I run out of food ><;;

That is all that is going on in the boring life of a squaswin.

Anyways, I’ve gotta go and prepare for a big update, so I shall see you all when I am done!

[1]: To clarify, She requires Manage Server to read the specific attributes of your partnership, such as the vanity URL and the splash screen. Without the permission, all she knows about your partnership is that you are partnered. This makes info server incredibly bland on the partner page.

Edit 30/09:

The update is over now. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive during the transition~!


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