Samuel Rockett

Software Developer

Hi, I'm a relatively simple person, I write code, and play games, and sometimes, I even write games. I would continue this but you can't "play" code!

I am proficient in Python and C#, but I also have some experience programming in Java, Javascript, C++, MySQL, SQLite, and HTML/CSS.

Code Portfolio

I have published a lot of my personal project code onto my portfolio.
To access it, just hit the login button as a guest.


Infobot 42

I have written a Discord bot.
"Hi. I'm 42, and I'm a Python bot that squas-- er... Sam has been working on for about 2 and a half years now."
She is available to use on any server should you want her.


I don't write much, but if you care to take a look, here is my blog.